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At Revival, we help our members establish and sustain a healthy and fit lifestyle.  Now is the time to revive your fitness, and to take control of your health.  If you have aerobic, strength, or weight loss goals, we can help!  By providing incredibly effective workouts in a fun and supportive atmosphere, Revival Training helps people get stronger and healthier in ways that improve all aspects of their lives.  Together, with our community, we help our members achieve amazing results!

About Revival

At Revival Training, we want to give you the motivation, confidence, and environment to cultivate a healthy and active lifestyle.  Our programs focus on moving in functional ways through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  We utilize a combination of metabolic and strength exercises to give you an incredible workout.  Our experienced coaching staff will help you understand Revival's methodology, so that you can perform movements safely and efficiently.  All of our workouts are easily modified to accommodate any fitness level.  Whether you are an experienced athlete, or looking to begin your fitness journey, Revival can help you get stronger, fitter and healthier.  Ultimately, we want you to feel safe, have fun, and get a great workout!


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Located in The Village Plaza in Holliston, MA, Revival Training is an intimate fitness facility that borders the Rail Trail.  We offer a flexible group fitness schedule as well as personal sessions.  In addition to our group classes, we also specialize in race preparation (running/endurance), strength training, and sports-specific training.  Please contact us to set up a free trial session or to discuss your individual needs and fitness goals.


Group Class Schedule

Personal training sessions available by appointment

Unlimited Monthly Classes
10 Classes per Month
Daily Drop-In

Personal Training

Pricing by the hour

Individual Session...$70 
Small Group Session (2-4 Participants)...$100


Our Coaches

Dana Balejko
A lifelong athlete and collegiate soccer player, Dana has always been passionate about fitness.  After college, Dana spent over a decade focused on running, but a series of injuries led her to explore the benefits of strength training in combination with functional cross-training.  She found that a more balanced approach to exercise helped her to avoid injury and develop into a more well-rounded athlete.  Since modifying her training in 2017, Dana improved her marathon time, overall fitness, and strength.  A Boston qualifying runner, Dana ran the Boston Marathon in 2018 and 2019.  She has also been active in many other races including the Mohawk-Hudson Marathon, the Vermont City Marathon, the Providence Marathon, various Spartan Races, half marathons, 5Ks, and local fitness competitions.  Dana attributes her athletic success and longevity to her extensive experience as a runner and her commitment to functional strength and metabolic conditioning.  Now she wants to share her passion for this method of training with the community!  

NASM Personal Trainer

Red Cross CPR-AED


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